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Esthetician Training

Esthetician CareerCongratulations on your decision to start your career as an esthetician!

If you’re the type of person that loves to create friendly, exceptional experiences for others, you’re already an outstanding candidate to become a skin care specialist. There is a lot of information on the Internet about different types of estheticians, esthetician training, licensing, career requirements and so on, but it’s been difficult to find everything in one place. We’re here to show you exactly the things you need to know to jump-start an exciting career as an esthetician!

First, let’s take a quick look at the types of esthetician careers that are available.

Spa & Salon Estheticians

Skin experts are an essential part of today’s spas and salons. As a spa esthetician, you may expect to determine a client’s skin care needs and discuss options with him/her. You may perform facial services, improve skin tone, remove unwanted hair, tint eyebrows, apply a variety of cosmetic products, and instruct your clients on their continued skin care needs.

Medical Estheticians

A medical esthetician may work with patients at a hospital or private practice in the field of dermatalogic skin care. Individuals with sensitive skin, hair or skin diseases or those undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy often require the services of a trained medical esthetician. Just like spa estheticians, every state requires that medical estheticians must be trained and licensed.

Where Do You Start?

Did you know that most estheticians are required to have training and often licenses and certifications to perform skin care services? Whether you know exactly which type of esthetician work you find interesting or are interested in the career in general, the next step is to see exactly what you must know before you begin esthetician training.